Want me to read (or listen to) your book and review it? That is amazing, because I want to read and review your book. Am I qualified to read and review your book? Probably not, but I’m going to try and sell you my credentials, anyway.

I received a bachelor of arts in journalism in 2009 from a college you’ve never heard of, and I am nearly finished with my masters in applied arts in sciences (December 2017 or bust, babies!). I also began a second masters program this semester in Educational Media because I hate myself but love the knowledge! Also, because traditional brick and mortar teachers are doing their best, but it’s just not the same. I’d like to be a part of the change.

I read a few books per week and am trying desperately to keep my muse at home by writing more. That means writing anything and everything. Reviews. Trash. Tweets. Text messages. Tumblr posts complaining about trivial things. You see, my muse suffers from anxiety and has a hilariously (and tragically) short attention span, which we fight about. A lot.

Anyway, enough about me. More about you and that amazing piece of work you brought into this world. Currently, I can only handle audio book submissions. I work 9 hours a day in relative solitude (though not as relative as I’d like), and though I currently have a backlog of print titles, there are always a few hours per day for audio books.

If you have an audio book you’d like reviewed, all I ask for is a review copy I can slap on my phone (or convert to a format I can slap on my phone). Turnaround time is about a month, but maybe shorter. I’ll keep you posted, haha, posted. See what I did there? I like terrible puns.

If you have a print copy you’d like reviewed, feel free to email me as well. It just may be a while before I can schedule the post. Be sure to check back here for updates on print submissions.

I’ll read/listen to most anything, but my favorite genres include sci-fi, magical realism, fantasy, memoir, short stories, and essays. If you write lesfic and would like me to review your book, please see my other blog, Kissing Backwards for submission guidelines.

If all of this sounds good, shoot an email to thekitchensinkreviews(at)gmail(dot)come with the following info:

Author (that’s you, buddy!)
Amazon Link (or publisher link is fine, too)
Let me know if you’d be interested in an interview, aka I email you rando questions about yourself, your life, and your process for the readers to enjoy.