On Deck 7/24

Things are starting to slow down a little bit. Finishing up my intense summer class this week, and hopefully the contract on my house will survive due diligence. Since closing isn’t until the end of August, and I’m without a grad school class for a couple of weeks, hopefully I’ll finish some of these. Here’s what’s on deck. What are you working your way through this week? Let me know!

600+ pages, 24 hours as an audio, How to Survive a Plague is heavy and long. I’m about six hours in, and it’s quite compelling. Sad, for sure, but since I was born in the 80s, I don’t know as much as I should about the beginning of the AIDS plague. I saw France on the CNN, Tom Hanks produced show, The Eighties, and it sparked an interest in the subject, so here I am, listening to his book. I’m sure to learn a lot.

This is my first book by Karis Walsh, and I have a few more on my to-read list, but so far I don’t love it. I’m only about 30% through, so I’m hoping that there’s more below the surface with this one.

Still working on this Steampunk novel. I’m definitely enjoying it, but am not throwing it into the rotation often enough the last week or two. Need to remedy that.

I picked this one up through NetGalley to have some short fiction in between the much longer works I’m tackling. It’s magical realism, re imagined fairy tales, and short stories. Seems like a good combo to me. I’ve only just started the first one, so no impressions yet. Excited to dig in, though.



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