Holy Cow by David Duchovny

Sorry it’s been a minute since I posted. Trying to sell my house and wrap up a one-month, 19 unit summer class. No sleep, and very little time for reading the past couple of weeks.

Gone was any trace of a fourth wall. Talking animals, jet-setting adventures, and a cow just looking for answers. Orwell this isn’t. It’s got too much heart for that much cynicism.

Elsie is a pretty content cow. She spends her days grazing and hanging out with her best friend, Mallory. When the two escape the pasture for a late night romp, however, Elsie learns that there is so much more to the world than her small, farm life, and Elsie wants to experience it. Shaken by her discovery of industrial meat farms on the “God Box” through the farm window, she sets out for India, where cows are sacred and she’ll be safe. She teams up with Shalom the recently-converted Jewish pig, and Tom the emaciated turkey to make the overseas journey. Along the way, she learns some valuable lessons, both about the world and herself.

This comedic, heartfelt story doesn’t necessarily have new ideas, but it’s chocked full of them and is presented in a refreshing voice. I love Elsie. The witty banter is hilarious, and Elsie’s journey isn’t unlike ones we’ve all taken at some point or another while soul searching. Some parts particularly hit home, like Mallory’s choice to stay behind and raise her calf, and Elsie’s slow understanding of how that life choice doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll miss out on greater adventures. There’s some great ideas about the life we create and its importance.

I listened to the audio book, and Duchovny brings his words to life in the best way. It’s only three hours and was the perfect interlude between some longer works, and if you think I’m not listening to Bucky F*cking Dent next (also read by the author), then you’re dead wrong. I laughed out loud at my desk, and to sum up the essence of my reactions to this book, here’s a Tweet I posted, “Finally getting a chance to listen to #HolyCow. I didn’t realize how funny @davidduchovny screaming, “MAYONNAISE!” would be. #audiobooks.” Definitely recommend this if you can get your hands on it, moreso if you can listen to Duchovny narrate it for you.


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